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Welcome to the metallic creations of Steve Blaylock

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The Spirit of Nature in Design

The best place to purchase and commission bespoke metal sculptures in Yorkshire, be it for your garden or indoors.

“There is only one place to buy my work, from The Smithy in Harrogate. If you’re passing through the Harrogate area you can visit my showroom at weekends.

You can visit me on weekdays by appointment, please contact me directly by phone.”


Opening Times

Open every weekend til Christmas
10:30am-ish to 6pm-ish

Four Lane Ends


Unique sculptures hand made in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.


About the artist

My work is inspired by the creation that surrounds us all: whether we live, work or play in the country or city, it's there all around us. The ever present fingerprint of the creator that inspires my sculptural thoughts.

From the humble beetle to the majestic oak, my sculptures are of many diverse subjects and sizes. From almost life size dragonflies to 30 foot lizards, owls with 16 foot wingspans and spiders that are big enough to carry you off.

All my sculptures contain or are made of entirely from the last Sheffield stainless steel ever manufactured in the UK. This includes the Blue Peter Ship that now resides in the public garden at Media City. 

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Steve Blaylock